Super 18 Whole Herbs

This is a really superb combination of 18 different dried, medicinal herbs, carefully chosen for the many benefits that can be offered to the bird:
Rich in protein
Plant based amino acids are easily absorbed and digested; they provide an additional food source; essential for good breeding; essential for the development of all cells in the body.
Chlorophyll content
Chlorophyll enriches red blood cells & neutralises toxins & pollutants.
Vitamin content
Vitamins are essential for good health; for proper digestion, for proper functioning of glands; for skin & feather health; for respiratory tract health.
Plant-based mineral content
Plant-based minerals and trace elements are fully absorbed by the body and are essential for good health; strong bones, nerves, proper digestion, breeding, and for the proper functioning of all glands in the body.
Energy content
The carbohydrate content of some of the herbs is converted to fuel for the normal performance of the body.
Reduction of stress
Specific herbs with stress-reducing properties either address nervous stress or general tension throughout the system & promote better breeding, better digestion & improved heart health.
Prevention of disease
Many of the herbs in the blend come with anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-fungal properties.
Immune strengthening
Herbs in the blend improve the strength of the body’s immune system.
To eliminate parasites
Several herbs in the blend are included for their ability to eliminate various parasites, worms, or pathogens.
To increase metabolism
Some herbs have been chosen to supply energy which is required by the body for it to perform many of it functions - breathing, digestion, breeding, movement.
Antioxidant properties
The anti-oxidant properties of most of the herbs make them very useful for the elimination of pollutants, allergens, heavy metals, synthetic chemicals & pesticides all of which enter the body from foods eaten - and which undermine general health.
Anti-inflammatory properties
For the reduction of unnecessary inflammation in muscles, digestive tract & respiratory tract.
Liver support
Herbs that support the liver are in the blend. They assist to rejuvenate damaged liver cells, cleanse the liver of toxins, and assist the general functioning of the liver.

This unique herbal formula contains the following 18 medicinal herbs:
Alfalfa; Burdock root; Calendula petals; Comfrey leaf; Echinacea; Elder leaf; Lavender leaf; Oreganum; Rosemary; Thyme; Wormwood; African wormwood; Wild dagga; Yarrow; Garlic nibs; Kelp powder; Milk thistle seed; Siberian ginseng
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