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Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic
By: Osho

Intuition deals with the difference between the intellectual, logical mind and the more encompassing realm of spirit. Logic is how the mind knows reality, intuition is how the spirit experiences reality. Osho’s discussion of these matters is wonderfully lucid, occasionally funny, and thoroughly engrossing.
Reflections Of A Man
By: Mr. Amari Soul

Reflections Of A Man is a book designed for both men and women to enhance the quality of their personal relationships. For the women, it encourages you to recognize the true value of your love, to reevaluate your standards and to make the decision that you will no longer settle for anything less than someone who loves you, respects you, and truly makes you happy. For the men, this book will not only encourage you to learn more about the emotional needs of a woman, but it will provide you with clear insight into what a woman truly needs from you, emotionally, to be happy. Through beautiful words of poetry, powerful quotes and advice full of wisdom, Mr. Amari Soul creates a truly enlightening experience for both men and women with Reflections Of A Man. On one hand, women gain a new perspective on the true value of their love, raise their standards and refuse to settle. On the other hand, men become better equipped to, not only understand a woman’s emotional needs, but they are better able to meet or exceed their new standards as well.
Be!: The 8 Simple Steps to Becoming Who You Want To Be
Be!: The 8 Simple Steps to Becoming Who You Want To Be
The question is often asked of young adults ... what do you want to be when you grow up? The expected answer to this question is more aligned with a type of job or role, rather than a set of qualities or characteristics to achieve your definition of personal success for your life. So the question should be, what type of person do you want to BE?

There are so many choices available now and with the world being so much smaller it is hard to answer the question 'What do you want to be?' by defining a role, job or career. It is hard to answer that question accurately for without the opportunity to experience those roles, businesses, jobs or careers, how do you really know?

My thinking around this question is we need to change the emphasis of the answer by moving away from focus on career, role, business or job to being focused on a level of character, attitude or personal qualities. As a father of two teenage daughters I don't know what my daughters will end up doing as a career, job or role, but I do know that I want to equip them with some suitable skills, characteristics and qualities that would assist them to succeed in whatever field of endeavour they choose to pursue.

So rather than what job, career or role do you want to have, define what you want to be as a person, whether that is confident, passionate, determined or any of the other hundreds of qualities you may desire. So answer this question by circling any number of words on this short list of qualities and characteristics ... If you were going to be the best version of you and to realise your true potential, what type of person do you want to BE?
Author: Keith Abraham
134 pages
Condition: Excellent (As good as new.)
Release date: 3rd edition 2017

No Matter What
No Matter What: The 10 Commitments of Accountability
What if the secret to being your best, attracting people and leading people was merely knowing what, why and how to commit to people? All you have ever wanted was to have more meaningful relationships, attract others to your cause and be able to make a difference in the lives of the people around you. You can have all this and more when you harness the power of the commitment.
No Matter What starts with a simple Yes that forms a commitment you make to yourself and to the people around you. You will discover that, No Matter What , you will be able to:
  • Make your word your bond
  • Know and live your values
  • Help people be their very best
  • Create a good reputation in a troubled world
  • Develop and sustain sound financial principles 
No Matter What is simple, powerful and life changing. When you start right now you will be committing to a better future for yourself and the people around you, No Matter What !
For over 25 years, Sam Silverstein has helped people and organizations be the very best they can be. Sam will share the truth of what accountability is, why it is the most powerful change agent in existence and how you can harness the power of commitment in 10 specific and defining areas.
Sam has worked with companies, government agencies and individuals around the world helping them create their best possible self through the power of accountability. Thousands of people have put Sam's philosophies and tools to work as they have grown and prospered.
Author: Sam Silverstein
176 pages
Condition: Excellent (As good as new.)
Release date: 2018
The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength
The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength
You don't have be an extrovert--or pretend to be one--to get to the top! Jennifer Kahnweiler points to Mark Zuckerberg, Arianna Huffington, and Warren Buffett as prime examples of self-identified introverts who have done quite well for themselves. In this new, expanded edition of her pioneering book, she lays out a well-tested four-step strategy introverts can use to build on their quiet strength and make it a source of great power. The book includes fresh information on the unique challenges faced by introverted women, how leaders can shape a more introvert-friendly workplace, customized hiring and coaching strategies for introverts, and the positive correlation between introverted leadership and company performance.
Author: Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D
216 pages
Condition: Excellent (As good as new.)
Release date: 2018

Still mind, strong heart
By: Dr. Bernard Levinson $ Mike Lipkin

How to flow through your biggest challenges with power and grace.
Phila! 150 Success-Insights to excite, empower and energize you: Mokgadi Pela and Mike Lipkin

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