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Budgies as Pets eBook

The History of Budgies                    
Top 8 Reasons Budgies Make Great Pets                           
Budgie feeding guide                       
Mineral Blocks                         
Mealworms For Your Birds             
Keeping Your Birds Healthy             
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Budgies are awesome. Everyone who has them knows it, but if you’re still on the fence about becoming a budgie parent, this eBook is for you. It will also expand your knowledge if you are already a budgie owner.
Jedi the Hyacinth macaw
By: Kashmir Csaky
Content creator: Petrus Albertus van Tonder

Jedi’s live journey from egg to adult.
First paragraph:
Some of you may be aware of the difficulties getting Hyacinths to hatch. The eggs are famous for not losing enough weight. Just at hatching the chick dies, either from drowning or suffocation.
Another paragraph:
Jedi likes to stick her tongue out and touch our fingers when she is caged. I decided to teach her to target my finger on cue. I held my index finger near her face and said, “Tongue, tongue “She stuck her tongue out and I told her she was a, “Good Girl!” The next step was for her to station her tongue to my finger, which she did to the count of four.
Keeping and breeding finches 2nd edition eBook
After keeping and breeding finches for more than 10 years, I thought it might be beneficial to share my knowledge with beginners and more experienced finch lovers. I have done a lot of research and made notes along the way from the club meetings I attended and from other finch keepers I visited, always striving to give the best for my finches and trying to breed the more difficult species.

The experience of watching finches displaying themselves and going about their business of rearing families is one of the greatest pleasures their owners will derive. Even more when the finches are housed in a planted outdoor aviary that stimulates their natural habitat.

Keeping and breeding finches eBook Contents:

Housing your finches
Finch Keeping and the law
Health Problems
Top 10 Australian finches for beginners
American finches
Finch Table
Food Table
List of harmful plants for your birds
Gouldian Finch
Feeding Gouldians

With more than 100 color photos and easily readable 2-column text for smartphone and computer reading, that has been tested and approved by many readers, I am sure you will enjoy and find this eBook most valuable.

WWB Colouring eBook
The aim of this e-book is to assist and teach yourself and your children the correct bird colors for the identification of birds.

The first 18 bird photos are from the front pages of our magazine. You need to refer to these magazines for the correct colors. Therefore, I mentioned above each photo to which magazine edition to refer to. These front pages can also easily be printed.

The remaining bird photos have the color photos included in this e-book and reference to the page is stated above each photo. Printing these pages in color will make it much easier.I would love to publish more coloring books to include more countries, follow the dots photos, LBJ’s (little brown jobs), and any recommendations from your side. Therefore, I would love to receive your feedback and recommendations to make upcoming coloring books a success.

My email address:

Then I need to thank all photographers for their permission to use their photos. Without your great photography, this book would not have been possible.
101 Food Items For Birds eBook
Moderation and variety are the keys when feeding birds. The aim of this eBook is to make you aware of food items that can be fed to birds that are unusual and unknown. You need to prepare their food in such a way that it is more varied, nutritious, interesting, and attractive.

Different species of birds need different types of food. For example, Macaws, require fat in their diet while Amazons become obese very easily on fatty foods.

My research revealed the following recommendation:
Feeding 1 part legumes to 2 part grains, and for this to consist of 45% of the fresh diet. Another 45% would be a variety of veggies, and the last 10% fruits.

for some added value, there is a section on how to make chop, a diet for parrots, a food element table, and a list of harmful plants.

With more than 100 color photos and easily readable 2-column text for smartphone and computer reading, that has been tested and approved by many readers, I am sure you will enjoy and find this e-book most valuable.

Bird Health eBook Second edition
Bird Health eBook 2nd EDITION FREE
This second edition FREE eBook covers:
Avian Health Care Tips Infographic
Disease Diagnostics 
Medicating a Parrot 
Vegetable Calcium Sources 
Nuts and Seeds 
Nutritional problems in pet birds
Toxic Plants 
Avian Health Tips 
Buckwheat for birds

PLEASE NOTE: This eBook is 6MB, therefore the chances of your email address being unable to handle such a big file are exceptionally high. If you did not receive the eBook within 3 days, please contact me through the email address on Boegie Store and we can arrange another way to deliver the eBook to you.

PLEASE NOTE: To qualify for this FREE ebook, you need to register on this website.

A special thanks to all our subscribers and advertisers for making this eBook possible.
Parrot behaviour eBook

Firstly, I would like the following professionals for giving us permission to publish their articles so that our birds can thrive and have a happy life.

Hildegard Niemann from Parrot Behavior Consulting, Laura Miles, Kashmir Csaky, Tony Silva, and Dr. Nemetz. As well as Parrotainment for their valuable information charts about parrot plucking.

Laura Miles in her opening paragraph says what this eBook is all about:

“By introducing such a magical creature to our domestic setting, I often wonder just how much the Parrot was thought about, less than their colors & song I bet. Parrots are not well suited to captivity at all, their mental & physical health suffers greatly when made to live without another Parrot of their kind in an artificial environment without adequate nutrition. Whether you own a Parrot or not, please come on this magical journey with me & discover just a few of the needs of a Parrot, you never know when you could help a Parrot’s life improve.”

Parrot plucking questions answered

“My Amazon is plucking, what medicine can I use to get it to stop?” “My caique was feathered last night, this morning it is naked. The bottom of the cage is lined with feathers. What can I do.” “Each day my cockatoo pulls out a few feathers. How can it be stopped?” These types of questions get answered in the valuable eBook.

Bonding and Breeding Behavior in Pet Parrots

From Kashmir Csaky in this eBook: “How is the word “bonding” applied to parrots? Technically it means that a pair of parrots are monogamous —they are bonded to each other. In colloquial terms, bonding implies that a human and a parrot have a deep relationship that goes beyond friendship and is similar to a healthy family bond among human family members.”

Caring and Breeding of Parrots eBook

It is with a proud and humble heart to say that I have met my idol, Tony Silva, at a talk presented by the Parrot Breeders Association of Southern Africa. Tony gave me permission to publish this e-book with a combination of his publications so that it is easily readable and easy to refer back to on your electronic device.

Tony’s passion and decades of experience make this e-book a must-read for every parrot owner. And the highlight of my avicultural career, receiving a signed copy of one of Tony’s books, “Psittaculture, the breeding, rearing & management of parrots”.
Quote from the book:

“To own a parrot is a responsibility……..a responsibility that, because most are longlived, will last decades. Purchases should not be made lightly; the same considerations used in adopting a child should apply in adopting a parrot.”’

Feeding Parrots and Recipes eBook

I thought that compiling all the feeding articles and recipes together would make it easy for you to read instead of jumping from magazine to magazine to find specific articles. And I am sure your parrots would love you for all the new treats.

Special thanks go to Johnny King for sharing his years of experience and knowledge on the subject. I had the privilege to meet Ilse Meyer at the LWP bird festival. Her passion for creating recipes for Rani is just amazing and she is always willing to share her knowledge and recipes with everyone.

It was not difficult to ask Kim Forster, Lisa and Adam Lock, Connie S. Soto, and Tony Silva for permission to share their articles. Many thanks to you and highly appreciated. It all comes down to caring for our parrots to the best of our ability with the knowledge that others have gained over many years.

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