Be!: The 8 Simple Steps to Becoming Who You Want To Be

The question is often asked of young adults ... what do you want to be when you grow up? The expected answer to this question is more aligned with a type of job or role, rather than a set of qualities or characteristics to achieve your definition of personal success for your life. So the question should be, what type of person do you want to BE?

There are so many choices available now and with the world being so much smaller it is hard to answer the question 'What do you want to be?' by defining a role, job or career. It is hard to answer that question accurately for without the opportunity to experience those roles, businesses, jobs or careers, how do you really know?

My thinking around this question is we need to change the emphasis of the answer by moving away from focus on career, role, business or job to being focused on a level of character, attitude or personal qualities. As a father of two teenage daughters I don't know what my daughters will end up doing as a career, job or role, but I do know that I want to equip them with some suitable skills, characteristics and qualities that would assist them to succeed in whatever field of endeavour they choose to pursue.

So rather than what job, career or role do you want to have, define what you want to be as a person, whether that is confident, passionate, determined or any of the other hundreds of qualities you may desire. So answer this question by circling any number of words on this short list of qualities and characteristics ... If you were going to be the best version of you and to realise your true potential, what type of person do you want to BE?
Author: Keith Abraham
134 pages
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Release date: 3rd edition 2017

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