What Fish? A Buyer's Guide to Reef Fish

This buyer's guide to reef fishes presents fact-filled, color-illustrated profiles of 180 specimens that marine aquarium hobbyists can select to stock a truly fascinating and beautiful tank. Author Phil Hunt, an expert on reef aquariums, tells how to set up and maintain a reef aquarium, and guides his readers with detailed advice on coping with common problems. The fishes profiled in this book range from those suitable for virtually every reef aquarium to others that should be kept with a restricted selection of corals. The fishes shown and described include:

Damselfishes and Clownfishes * Tangs and Surgeonfishes * Angelfishes * Hawkfishes * Wrasses * Basslets * Dartfishes * Tilefishes * Blennies * Butterflyfishes * Gobies * Triggerfishes, and many others

Each profile includes details on what the fish eats, its compatibility with other fish and invertebrates, its hardiness, its needs in relation to the tank environment, and a general guide to its retail price. Approximately 250 color photos.
Author: Phil Hunt
208 pages
Condition: Excellent
Release date: October 2009
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