My 100 Favourite Herbs

Margaret Roberts is a household name in the field of natural
products that enhance health and well-being. My 100 Favorite
Herbs draw on the established success of Margaret's earlier
work de Ella, adding and updating information about the popular
practice of growing one's own herbs and using them in the
kitchen, as well as producing health and beauty products.
A hands-on, practical book, it allocates a generous double-page
spread to most herbs. Margaret instructs how and when
to plant, grow and harvest herbs, and introduces recipes, both
culinary and cosmetic. Writing in an easy, down-to-earth manner,
she laces her advice with personal anecdotes and historical
snippets. The text is enlivened by her delicate line drawings, as
well as bright, detailed photographs to aid identification, making
an elegant book that will become a classic in many homes.
For anyone interested in the satisfying hobby of growing
herbs, and in using them to enhance their cooking and health,
this is an indispensable guide.
Author: Margaret Roberts
244 pages
Condition: Excellent
Release date: October 2012

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