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Vegetarian 100 Everyday Recipes
Vegetarian cooking combines a wide variety of ingredients to create exciting and tempting dishes from all parts of the world. A typical vegetarian diet is a healthy way of eating, being low in saturated fat and high in deitary fibre and carbohydrates. Whether you are planning to become vegetarian yourself, have vegetarian guests to dinner or you just want to cook creatively to make salads, light meals, hearty dinners or delicious desserts, you will find a wealth of everyday recipes in this book. 100 mouth watering recipes with clear and easy to follow ingredients lists and step by step methods.
Jamie\'s 15 Minute Meals
Jamie's 15 Minute Meals

Packed with delicious, nutritionally balanced meals, Jamie's 15-Minute Meals will arm you with the skills to create wonderful meals, shockingly fast.

Jamie's created methodical, clever, sociable, fun recipes full of big flavors that take the concept of fast, everyday food to a new level. He's taken inspiration from all over the world, embracing tastes that we all love and playing on classic chicken, steak, pasta, and global street food dishes.
Author: Jamie Oliver
287 pages
Condition: Excellent
Release date: 2012

Ramsay\'s Best Menus Hardcover
Ramsay's Best Menus
Gordon Ramsay's last TV series, The F Word, culminated in a competition to find the nation's favorite local restaurant. His new series, Ramsay's Best Restaurants, continues this theme, focusing on the country's favorite international cuisines: Italian, French, Spanish, Mediterranean, British, Chinese, Thai, SE Asian, Indian, Moroccan, Mexican, and Middle Eastern.
To complement the series Gordon has here selected not just his favourite menus from these cuisines, but also the perfect Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter menus. His 52 chosen menus, comprising 156 recipes for starters, main courses, and desserts, are displayed in such a way, on sliced pages, that the reader can mix and match to create their own favorite menu for any occasion and any time of year. So not only is there a Gordon menu for every week of the year, but the menus can be reconfigured, by mixing and matching the pages, to create an incredible 140,000 different menu choices.
Every recipe contains a number of servings, complete ingredients and a simply explained method. Each menu is stunningly photographed from overhead so however the menus mix and match a photograph of every dish will always be shown. Also included is a selection of accompaniments and essential basic recipes.
Author: Lee Child
144 pages
Condition: Good
Release date: January 2010

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