Keeping and breeding finches 2nd edition eBook

After keeping and breeding finches for more than 10 years, I thought it might be beneficial to share my knowledge with beginners and more experienced finch lovers. I have done a lot of research and made notes along the way from the club meetings I attended and from other finch keepers I visited, always striving to give the best for my finches and trying to breed the more difficult species.

The experience of watching finches displaying themselves and going about their business of rearing families is one of the greatest pleasures their owners will derive. Even more when the finches are housed in a planted outdoor aviary that stimulates their natural habitat.

Keeping and breeding finches eBook Contents:

Housing your finches
Finch Keeping and the law
Health Problems
Top 10 Australian finches for beginners
American finches
Finch Table
Food Table
List of harmful plants for your birds
Gouldian Finch
Feeding Gouldians

With more than 100 color photos and easily readable 2-column text for smartphone and computer reading, that has been tested and approved by many readers, I am sure you will enjoy and find this eBook most valuable.

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