Caring and Breeding of Parrots eBook


It is with a proud and humble heart to say that I have met my idol, Tony Silva, at a talk presented by the Parrot Breeders Association of Southern Africa. Tony gave me permission to publish this e-book with a combination of his publications so that it is easily readable and easy to refer back to on your electronic device.

Tony’s passion and decades of experience make this e-book a must-read for every parrot owner. And the highlight of my avicultural career, receiving a signed copy of one of Tony’s books, “Psittaculture, the breeding, rearing & management of parrots”.
Quote from the book:

“To own a parrot is a responsibility……..a responsibility that, because most are longlived, will last decades. Purchases should not be made lightly; the same considerations used in adopting a child should apply in adopting a parrot.”’

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