101 Food Items For Birds eBook

Moderation and variety are the keys when feeding birds. The aim of this eBook is to make you aware of food items that can be fed to birds that are unusual and unknown. You need to prepare their food in such a way that it is more varied, nutritious, interesting, and attractive.

Different species of birds need different types of food. For example, Macaws, require fat in their diet while Amazons become obese very easily on fatty foods.

My research revealed the following recommendation:
Feeding 1 part legumes to 2 part grains, and for this to consist of 45% of the fresh diet. Another 45% would be a variety of veggies, and the last 10% fruits.

for some added value, there is a section on how to make chop, a diet for parrots, a food element table, and a list of harmful plants.

With more than 100 color photos and easily readable 2-column text for smartphone and computer reading, that has been tested and approved by many readers, I am sure you will enjoy and find this e-book most valuable.

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