World Wide Birds magazine Premier July 2022

Our main article this month is about Quaker Parakeets and their mutations by Louis Bothma. Many bird breeders have the negative impression that Quakers make a lot of noise. When they are kept in large colonies, they can be noisy. If they are rather kept in pairs in hanging aviaries with solid divisions, it is a totally different story, and no one will complain about the noise.

In this edition, Jedi, the Hyacinth macaws, is 187 days old and her weight has been in the mid-1280s for a few weeks. Read more about her progress in the Premier edition. Kashmir Csaky has some great tips on what to do when your bird flies away. Like getting a tarp and painting a large easy to recognize the symbol on it in a bright colour. In the finch section, we discuss the Black-throated Grassfinch. And in the canary section, the Fancy Gloster canary is covered. In the bird-ing section, another endemic Caribbean bird, the Jamaican Owl is discussed.

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